Kendo. /ken·dō/

We design simple & delightful products for startups and big companies.


We designed the brand and website of the rock solid code studio.


We conceptualized and designed a new product to measure and boost your productivity while learning new skills.


We conceptualized and designed a new purchase system for e-commerce based on deffered payments.


We love design. We take care of every detail, that includes boring documents.

The process.

Each step of the way matters to achieve great results.

  1. Kick off

    • Requirements
    • Business
    • Goals
  2. Product

    • The Basics
    • Wireframes
    • Roadmap
  3. Design

    • Art direction
    • Interaction
    • The System
  4. Integration

    • XHTML, CSS & JS
    • Mobile asseting
    • Support developers


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